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Vision Statement

Recognizing that, (1) generations of Christian men have lost the vision and ability to fulfill their God-given responsibilities, and that (2) today God's original design for the home and the church is under attack on many fronts, the Metro New York Men's Prayer Ministry discerns that it is time for Christian men to earnestly devote themselves to "study, practice, and proclaim" God's divine arrangement for humanity (cf. Ezra 7:10).

We look to Eden for "heaven's ideal" of the complementarity of the role distinctions between men and women, and to the plan of redemption for the restoration of men's spiritual leadership and responsibility to "what God designed it should be" in both the family and church (Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing, pp. 64, 65).

**[NOTE: "The attack on many fronts" includes, the undermining of Biblical authority, integrity, and clarity, gender uncertainty and confusion in the home and in the church, and the obliteration of the distinction between maleness and femaleness as evidenced in the widespread acceptance of homosexuality. MNY's "vision" is to go back to the Edenic ideal of what heaven intended the relation to be].